Deal Of Daocolo


The Deal of Daocolo, signed on the 15,513th pulse? at Daocolo? in the Octrasian Auctorate. The deal was signed between the Octrasian signatories, Octra? and Odessa?, and the Sarzola Regime?. The deal would overturn terms made on previous treaties between the two parties, and directly force the Octrasian Auctorate to operate under the Sarzola Regime. The Octrasian Auctorate would retain certain freedoms, but the Deal of Daocolo was one of the first steps in a series of motions taken to threaten the sovereignty of the state, eventually leading to the total integration of the Cymos?.


Prior to the Deal of Daocolo, the Octrasian Auctorate had just left its golden age, the Octrasian Glory? and the Reunification Subwar? was just beginning. One of the first actions taken by the Freeterrors was to establish an effective means of communication with the Octrasian Auctorate, hoping to acquire a new front to attack from. This led to the Cold Accords?, which promised mutual communications, security, and defense between both states. It is very likely that the Cymos were well aware of the direction the Cold Accords would take the state, but it unfortunately was of little consequence whether they were aware or not, because the Freeterrors had the means to force their hand.


The terms were largely derived from the contributions of prior doctrines like the Cold Accords, which laid the framework for the eventual takeover of the state which was forced upon the Cymos.


  • Reversal of mutual defense stipulations of the Cold Accords
  • The Octrasian Auctorate would be placed under the Sarzola Regime with the status of autonomous state
  • The Phoqane Embassy? would be abolished
  • The Daocolo Embassy? would be repurposed and used as the central authority of the Daocolo society
  • Efforts to further solidify Octrasian borders would be made to meet the standard of the Sarzola Regime


The most major effect was the divide created between the Cymos and the Pryos. Sarzaroth's takeover of the state led many to conclude that the Pryos were likely to become an oppressor of the Cymos. The Cymos were initially extremely hostile, and their territory was very hard to move divisions through, as they were often ambushed, assaulted, or raided by Anti-Sarzola Cymos Aggrandors?. The Sarzola Regime would make an effort to crack down on small disparate hostile factions, but the problem was never truly quelled by these crack downs.

Eventually the trend of hostility did die down naturally however, as the Cymos were largely left to their own devices, with the exception of Sarzola forces which often moved through their territory as a jumping-off point into the nearby Zolos Rim?. The hostility dropped even further with the invasion of the Corpse Brigade?, which was a cause for concern for all the entities in the region, and a united front was necessary to stop the complete destruction of the political order in the region.


The Deal of Daocolo was terminated in the 18,781st pulse?, making it a Palindrome Event?. the deal was terminated only a short time after the end of the Second Corpse War?, and only a short time before the fall of the Sarzola Regime in the 18,790th pulse?.

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